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What is it?
Strategically oriented learning sessions about the “relationship revolution” being driven by interactive technologies and the customer as information user. Based on The Elliott Group’s soon to be published proprietary content The User Rules™: A Guide To The Customer Revolution

How does it work?
Designed to engage team members in the application of The User Rules™ content to policies, practices and their organization based on new paradigms of the user, their process, their content needs and the information interface.
Seminar formats range from short presentations to extended action learning programs that include a high level of attendee involvement through exercises and practical applications based on their specific business situation.

Who does it help?
Executives and brand managers responsible for making strategic decisions.
Managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services.
Product, brand and marketing managers as well as third-party agencies selling products or services online.

What can you accomplish with The User Rules™ Seminars?
You can:
  Understand the new business paradigm you are operating in
Understand how the current paradigm does not meet the needs of the new customer.
Discover the underlying factors that define the new paradigm.
Learn the rules that guide customer relationships in this new paradigm.
  Learn strategic responses for competing in the new paradigm
Integrate powerful market shaping ideas into executive and manager level decision-making processes. Learn how to develop an information strategy to build customer relationships in the new paradigm.
Implications for company vision, management practices and organizational structure.
Implications for marketing, sales, customer service and staffing.
  Get tactical level solutions to improve customer relationships
A framework for evaluating your customer contact points with a specific focus on e-services.
Specific parameters for evaluating & quantifying customer reaction and satisfaction with your offerings.
Tools for accurately measuring your customer relationships.

What do you get from The User Rules™ Seminars?
Participation by and access to The Elliott Group’s most senior consultants.
Seminars can last from several hours to several days depending on the breadth and depth of the seminar content.
For action-oriented seminars with a higher level of interaction including learning assignments the days may be spread over several months.
  Want to anticipate rather than react to the marketplace. Contact us today at info@theelliottgroup.com
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