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What is it?
Topic Trender™ is The Elliott Group’s proprietary research survey series exploring leading edge issues of e-services and information usage from the customer’s point of view.

How does it work?
Surveys are fielded on an ongoing basis.
Survey parameters are established through exploratory focus groups and environmental scans.
Targets range from online consumer shoppers to corporate intranet users.
Uses online quantitative survey tools for fast turnaround.
Client and proprietary qualitative research informs survey modeling on an ongoing basis.

Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services.
Product, brand and marketing managers as well as third-party agencies selling products or services online.

What can you accomplish with Topic Trender™?
You can:
  Early identification of emerging issues and trends that can impact your bottomline
  Understand your customer better
Learn more about your customer as an information user.
Identify changes in customer behavior that underlies e-service relationships.
Anticipate customer needs that impact e-service development.
  Understand your marketplace better
Get “Voice of the User” insights into customer behavior that can illuminate opportunities and dangers in your marketplace.
Add customized questions to buildout existing survey areas of interest or conduct follow-up surveys for further exploration of key topics of interest.

What do you get from Topic Trender™?
An Executive Summary and Detailed Findings.
Datasets for your own analysis.
Optional questions to be included in a Topic Trender™ survey.
  Get ahead of the curve. Contact us today at info@theelliottgroup.com
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