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What is it?
Our proprietary process including specialized software for organizing content so customers can more easily understand and navigate your e-service.

How does it work?
The Elliott Group’s consultants customize a research design for you based upon customer segmentation and characteristics of your content set.
Software application is used to sort, classify, scope and scent content based on input from target customers.
Recommendations are provided for underlying information architecture and navigational terminology.
Software and research data is provided for the development team to explore optional information architectures.
Optionally may include use of Segmentation Checker™ to identify additional customer segments with specific online and information needs.

Who does it help?
Managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services.

What can you accomplish with Subject Sorter™?
You can:
  Understand how your customers:
Categorize your website content.
Describe groups of content.
Translate their personal process into your online process.
  Optimize Website Performance
Improve website navigation
Develop understandable navigation terminology and content labels.
Create a more intuitive website design.
Realize full content value by increasing accessibility and usage.
  Act Confidently
Develop your website’s information architecture and navigation terminology using actual customers.
Build out content in a coherent and consistent manner that makes sense to your customers.
Leverage our 20 years of experience and expertise with many types of information users and interfaces.

What do you get from Subject Sorter™?
Recommendations for:
Content labels
Navigational terms
Underlying information architecture and hierarchy
Additional insights into the customer’s process and content needs surfaced in the research.
Research data and software tool to explore information architecture variations.
  To make your website more user friendly contact us today at info@theelliottgroup.com
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