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What is it?
The Elliott Group’s Segmentation Checker™ service combines Infographic™, demographic and product usage profiles of your online customer to create a customer segmentation that moves beyond traditional marketing segmentation to uncover new opportunities and provide direction for e-service development.

How does it work?
Combines existing demographic and product-centric customer identifiers with those related to information usage and online behaviors.
Includes a licensed proprietary survey and indexing tool to define customer information use and decision-making behavior.
Online behavior profile includes parameters such as purchase behavior, electronic service use, stage of online development, online transaction attitudes and opinion making role.
Traditional customer profile parameters include : current and intended product use, product diffusion curve position, satisfaction and attitudes towards company and brand.

Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services.
Product, brand and marketing managers as well as third-party agencies selling products or services online.
New product and service developers.

What can you accomplish with Segmentation Checker™?
You can:
  Acquire a more in-depth understanding of your customer and market
Discover another level of customer segmentation to inform marketing decisions.
More fully define your customers’ needs.
Independently verify or identify customer segmentation through an unbiased and quantifiable analysis of your customer base.
  Drive e-service improvements
Provide direction for website design changes.
Generate ideas for new online features and tools to meet specific segment needs.
Guide long-term development of your e-service .
  Build competitive advantage
Discover new market opportunities that address the new customer segmentation.
Anticipate online customer behavior while your competitors just react to it.

In-depth profile of one or more of your customer segments
Detailed analysis comparing your existing marketing segmentation to the online customer segmentation.
Design directives for your e-service for each of the customer segments profiled.
Insights and recommendations for new online features and tools and future e-service development.
  For valuable insights into your online customers contact us today at info@theelliottgroup.com
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