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  The Elliott Group has a full complement of qualitative and quantitative research tools for creating the most appropriate research design, whether it involves group dynamics, exploratory or diagnostic techniques or the latest off-line or online technology to reach your globally dispersed customer base.
Usability Methods
Remote Usability Testing
Facility-based Usability Testing
Portable Usability Lab Testing
User Experience Testing
Taxonomy & Nomenclature Testing
Ethnographic Studies
Information User Profiling

Group Research Methods
Group Facilitation
Focus Groups (traditional & online)
Dyads, Triads, and Quads
Expert & Consumer Panels
Longitudinal Electronic Group Discussions
Online Brainstorming

In-Depth Interview (IDI) Qualitative Research Methods
Telephone Interviewing
Executive Interviewing
Expert Interviewing

Online Surveys
Emerging Market Modelling
Service and Usage Satisfaction
Parameter Auditing
Primary Research
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