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What is it?
The Elliott Group’s Remote Usability Testing System is a combination of hardware and software that allows remote testing of your online customers from wherever they access the Internet. We combine it with an extensive knowledge base about online users and interfaces to create valuable insights and actionable recommendations for our clients.

How does it work?
User remotely accesses, views and controls a test computer from their own computer.
The moderator conducts the session via phone while observing the user’s actions on the test computer.
The entire session is captured including the computer screen, mouse movements, typing and audio and produced as a video file.
Clients remotely view the session in real time or the video at their convenience.

Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services

What can you accomplish with Remote Usability Testing?
You can:
  Understand why your customers:
Leave your website or abandon their shopping cart.
Make costly calls to customer service.
Find value or don’t find value in your website’s content and functionality.
  Optimize Website Performance
Establish a seamless customer experience that builds an e-service relationship.
Avoid design mistakes that alienate shoppers and erode customer relationships.
Improve problem areas or underperforming site features.
  Increase Revenues
Boost conversion rates.
Increase average purchase/order size.
  Cut Costs
Reduce costly call center volume.
Efficiently spend development resources by identifying and prioritizing issues.
Avoid the travel costs, expenses and time needed for traditional usability testing.
  Act Quickly
Facilitate development decisions by letting your team see customer reactions firsthand.
Swiftly turn test results into development team recommendations through the easy to read issues & solutions format of our EZ Points Developer Report™.
  Act Confidently
Independently evaluate your website using actual customers.
Gain representative input from a geographically dispersed customer base.
Pre-test new features and content.
Leverage our 20 years of experience and expertise with information users and interfaces.

What do you get from Remote Usability Testing?
9-12 test sessions to evaluate key customer segments across online processes & site tasks.
An EZ Points Developer Report™ that identifies critical issues and recommends solutions.
Video files of the test sessions for post testing review and ongoing team learning.
  Put yourself in the seat and try out the system today. Contact us today at info@theelliottgroup.com
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