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  The Elliott Group’s services help our clients:
Enhance and optimize their existing web sites and other e-service interfaces.
Develop and assess new e-service concepts.
Attain an in-depth understanding of their e-service users to improve customer segmentation and build more value in their e-service relationships.
Gain a fresh perspective on the ongoing customer revolution to make strategic decisions about online and offline market opportunities.
The Elliott Group (TEG) offers a set of proprietary services that can be used alone or in combination to address strategic and tactical development decisions for your website or e-service.

Strategic Services

A Customer Information Strategy creates a plan for providing information and features that support the user's decision-making and purchasing process in the short-term and builds customer relationships over the long-term.
An analysis of your current positioning as an information provider and the development of a customer information strategy to address the needs and expectations of web-centric customers.
Understand a new dimension to marketplace competition, discover your opportunities as an information provider and inform strategic and tactical website development decisions.
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A comprehensive review of content and features offered on the websites that are critical to the customer's decision-making and purchasing process.
Compare your website with direct & indirect info competitors and identify areas for improvement.
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A comprehensive review and assessment of all customer touch points where information "transactions" occur.
Identify areas where you can deliver more information value to the customer, improve their experience and tell a more consistent and richer "information story"
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Strategically oriented learning sessions about the “relationship revolution” being driven by interactive technologies and the customer as information user
Based on The Elliott Group's proprietary The User Rules™ framework that explains the new paradigms of the customer, their process, their content needs and the information interface
Integrates powerful market shaping ideas into the executive level decision-making process
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A comprehensive study of customer processes encompassing online, offline and integrated customer experiences to provide an in-depth understanding and relevant insights about your customers as they encounter multiple contact points across your company.
Drive e-service improvements, better integrate customer contact points to your e-service and improve customer service
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Target customer selection and verification based on a unique psychological system
Brings your market segmentation to another level based on target customer information usage and instinctual approach to problem solving.
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The Elliott Group's research survey series exploring leading edge issues of e-services from the customer’s point of view.
Explore critical market shifts affecting your business & how best to address them.
Insights into important as well as subtle dangers and opportunities in the marketplace.
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Tactical Services

Rules-based website analysis system
Quick and cost-effective method to identify key user interface problems, then provides solutions for key user interface contact points - See Sample Report
Try our ROI calculators for Conversion Rate Increases and Customer Service Savings
See our sample tables that show the business impacts of Conversion Rate Increases and Customer Service Phone Inquiry Decreases
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Comprehensive information interface testing with defined target customers and select processes
Specific recommendations and answers for interface improvement and next step development based on in-depth insights of user behavior and their interface experience.
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Information & knowledge concept research and development including the use of Segmentation Checker™
Relevant insights for assessing intended target needs, making key development decisions and avoiding costly early stage development mistakes.
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A combination of custom consulting and specialized software for organizing content so customers can more easily understand and navigate your e-service
Sort, classify, scope and scent content into useful information units based on target customer input
Develop intuitive navigational hierarchy, terminology and information architecture for your screen-based content
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Uses specialized hardware and software to allow remote testing of your online customers from wherever they access the Internet
Is combined with our extensive knowledge about online users and interfaces to create valuable insights and actionable recommendations for our clients
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