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What is it?
A comprehensive study of customer processes encompassing online, offline and integrated customer experiences to provide an in-depth understanding and relevant insights about your customers as they encounter multiple contact points across your company.

How does it work?
Process Analyzer™ uses a range of qualitative research methods from one-on-one user experience testing to focus groups and surveys.
Process Analyzer™ is customized on a project by project basis according to client needs and can be conducted online or offline as well as offsite or on-site.
Optionally may include use of Segmentation Checker™ to illuminate and surface market segmentation opportunities among your online customers.

Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services.

What can you accomplish with Process Analyzer™?
You can:
  Drive e-service improvements
Identify design issues that hinder or halt your customer’s online process.
Understand specific customer e-service content needs.
Better integrate your e-service functionality to customer needs.
Generate ideas for new online processes that will enhance your customer’s overall experience.
  Better integrate multiple customer contact points to your e-service
Learn how customers use your e-service in conjunction with other points of contact.
Determine e-service processes that intersect with offline contact points during the customer experience.
Pinpoint critical content that is used across customer contact points.
  Improve customer service
Cut costs by diagnosing problem areas where customers are forced to turn to customer service.
Discover opportunities for implementing self-directed customer service processes.
Develop consistent and integrated customer service content across multiple customer contact points.
  Efficient project development process
Insights and recommendations are presented in a variety of report formats to effectively communicate to project development teams and multiple levels of management.

What do you get from Process Analyzer™?
An Executive Summary and Detailed Findings with specific recommendations for improving e-service and integrated customer processes.
EZ Points Developer Report™, The Elliott Group’s easy to read issues and solutions report format that addresses interface issues on a web page by web page basis.
Additional Key Deliverables: Customer pathways and start point analysis (both online and offline); Analysis of positioning of key sources as information providers in the customer decision making process; Website feature and content comparison among important market players
  To better understand your customer’s experience contact us today at info@theelliottgroup.com
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