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What is it?
A comprehensive review of content and features offered on websites and other customer touch points that are critical to the customer’s decision-making purchase process including websites at the manufacturer and retail level as well as key third-party websites, e.g. independent comparative sites. In addition a scan is performed to identify relevant “best of breed” and new technology applications available on the Internet at large.
How does it work?
The Elliott Group’s consultants perform a thorough review of critical customer touch points including manufacturer and retailer websites and key competitor websites noting specific content and features
Results are assessed on an individual website basis to identify specific competitive advantages and disadvantages among information competitors
Results are assessed categorically e.g. manufacturers vs. retailers to provide strategic insight into the role of the various types of information competitors in the market
Optionally this service can be used in conjunction with findings from the Process Analyzer™ service to more thoroughly evaluate the differences between website offerings in the context of user-defined information needs and expectations
In addition a scan is performed to identify relevant best of breed technology applications that could serve information needs in your market
Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers who want to assess how their website measures up to direct and indirect competitors and determine development priorities for adding content and features to their website
What do you get with Marketplace Information Audit™?
Understanding how your website compares on a content and feature basis with direct competitor websites as well as other information sources your customers use
Understanding what the roles and relative strengths are for different types of information providers in the market
Identify specific areas of your website offering that work well or need improvement
Key website content and feature overview by types of sources e.g. OEM, retailer, etc.
Identify new technology and features outside your marketplace that can be applied to your website to improve the customer experience
Recommendations for specific content and feature improvements based on substantial research
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