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What is it?
Interface Checker™ is a quick, smart, cost-effective way to improve the usability and bottomline performance of websites and e-services.

Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services

What do you get from the Interface Checker™ package?
Elliott Group consultants perform an Interface Checker™ analysis on approximately 12 to 15 pages of your website that are chosen based on key user processes or tasks. You are provided with our:
EZ Points Developer Report™ that identifies critical issues and recommends solutions.
Interface Checker™ Scorecard that quantifies problem areas by key user processes and by four essential interface aspect areas to help you prioritize issues and focus resources.

Use Interface Checker™ to:
Optimize Website Performance & Increase Revenue
Boost conversion rates & increase revenue (see our Conversion Rate Increase ROI calculator)
Increase average purchase/order size.
Improve problem areas or underperforming site features.
Establish a seamless customer experience that builds an e-service relationship.
Save Money
Avoid design mistakes that alienate shoppers and erode customer relationships.
Reduce costly customer service call center volume (see our Customer Service Savings ROI Calculator).
Ensure that precious development resources are sharply focused & prioritized, not scattered & wasted.
Take advantage of a cost-effective alternative to full-scale usability testing.
Act Quickly
Receive an assessment in 5-7 days or less for quick decisions & action.
Use the easy to read issues & solutions format of our EZ Points Developer Report™ to quickly integrate the results into management discussions and development team recommendations.
Act Confidently
Independently evaluate your website using a method based on user-centric research.
Leverage our 20 years experience and expertise with information users and interfaces to improve your website performance.

How does it work?
Interface Checker™ is a unique system that combines: 1) user-derived heuristics, 2) qualitative analysis software, 3) in-depth consultant expertise, 4) an innovative reporting format and 5) an interface scorecard to gauge your e-Service experience.
Draws upon our extensive information interface research as well as established bodies of science in the areas of psychology, vision, neuroscience and economics.
Analyzes and evaluates site design including operating environment, physical, mental, and psychosocial factors.
Quickly identifies and scores website design issues that critically impact desired user behavior.
Recommends solutions to optimize performance.
  Email us at info@theelliottgroup.com or call directly at 941.312.2132.
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