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We believe there is a fundamental paradigm shift in business markets and peoples lives as a result of the Internet and other interactive technologies. Your customers' ability to directly access information and exercise choice and control is creating a revolutionary change in their relationship with you and how your company must interact with them as this "new" customer.
The Elliott Group's User Rules™ framework provides insights into this paradigm shift and an effective strategy for developing and assessing e-services for this relationship revolution. Based on over 20 years of qualitative research, the User Rules™ framework is grounded in tactical results but bridges the new interactive customer to strategic implications for your business. Fundamental perspectives we have developed that help you understand and respond to the relationship revolution include:
The Internet is a personal information tool and not a media.  
To reach your customer you must first satisfy them as an information user.  
The new information environment demands new value propositions in your customer relationships.  
Brand management has changed, as a host of new e-service elements are contributing to the expected, experienced and remembered utility of your brand. These elements are having more decisive effects than media in your customer relationships.  
New expectations for customer-facing integration create new requirements for your business operations.  

These perspectives are incorporated into The Elliott Group's e-Services Relationship Model that we use to analyze e-services, assess their level of development and provide direction for the next and future stages of e-service development. The model defines e-service relationships in terms of four stages and over twenty-five customer experience dimensions. We apply the e-Service Relationship Model and related methodologies to yield specific actionable recommendations and project success for e-service initiatives such as:
Implementing incremental changes to your existing website design to improve conversion rates and usability.  
Integrating your e-service processes and content with all your customer contact points.  
Developing your next generation website to address increasing customer expectations and competition in the marketplace.  
Creating a strategic framework to direct future development and build long-term e-service relationships with your customers.  
Identifying additional customer segmentation based on information use and
online processes.
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