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What is a Customer Information Strategy?
A Customer Information Strategy as a component of your marketing strategy creates a plan for providing information and features that support the user’s decision-making and purchasing process in the short-term and builds customer relationships over the long-term. The goal is to successfully serve the information needs and rising expectations of your self-directed customers. A Customer Information Strategy helps define a company’s positioning as an information and transaction provider with the website functioning as the information hub connecting online and offline “customer touch points”.
How does it work?
Elliott Group consultants use a number of services to assess demand and supply side aspects of the information offerings discovered in your marketplace:
Process Analyzer™ is used to gain an in-depth understanding of customers use of yours and competitors websites as well as other information sources in their research, decision-making and purchase process
Key aspects of the customer’s process are learned including sources, start points, pathways, high value vendor content & features, role of user generated content and critical offline integration points
A competitive scan is conducted to identify in detail the information offerings of the key sources in your market
Demand and supply side findings are analyzed to:
Uncover gaps between your information offering and customer needs and expectations
Identify and map the positioning of your company, direct competitors and others as information providers in your marketplace
Identify areas of opportunity to enhance your positioning as an information provider
Recommendations are made for positioning strategies as an information provider. In addition we provide specific recommendations covering website content and features, as well as other information and transaction ‘touch points
Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers involved in the long-term planning and positioning of products, brands, communications or websites
What do you get from a Customer Information Strategy Project?
A Customer Information Strategy Overview outlining the current strategic environment and opportunities available for your e-service
A Virtual One Service™ topography illustrating the customer’s view of decision-making content and sources within your marketplace
Detailed findings regarding the start points and pathways of different customer segments
Key feature and content overview by type of website e.g. OEM, retailer, etc.
Website content and feature comparison of key information sources
Listing and analysis of user generated content sources
What are the benefits of a Customer Information Strategy Project?
Gain insights into the competitive landscape
Identify direct and indirect information competitors
Evaluate you and your competitors on customer focused metrics
Understand your strengths and weaknesses as an information provider
More informed strategic decisions
Evaluate your positioning in the market as an information provider and transactor
Define the strategic role and purpose of your website
Understand how customers integrate your website with your other customer touch points and other sources
More informed website development decisions
Integrate website development process to long-term strategic goals
Discover e-service opportunities for increasing value for your customer
Create specific information-focused goals for improving website content and features
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