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For many businesses, their website is a key revenue channel. Considerable online and offline expenditures are spent to drive traffic to the firm's website.

Bottom line: The ability to convert visitors to buyers is the ultimate benchmark of a site's business process performance.

The Top 300 Internet Retailers report an average visitor to buyer conversion rate of 3.8% and an average purchase of $92. These assumptions drive the data table below which details monthly revenue $ improvements from a base case. For example, using industry averages, a retail site with 100,000 visitors a month generates $349,600 in revenue. At this traffic level, a 30% improvement in visitor to buyer conversion would increase monthly revenue by $104,880. That's over $1.2 million on an annualized basis.

In addition, an improved interface experience has been shown to increase average purchase size as well as increase the percentage of repeat buyers, further reinforcing the critical importance of this benchmark.

Bottom Line: It is hard to imagine greater leveragability in your marketing mix than sharpening the process that converts site visitors to site buyers.

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