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What is it?
Customized concept testing for e-services and specfic website functionality to identify key features, benefits and customer expectations.

How does it work?
The Elliott Group’s consultants customize a research design for you based on concept testing objectives, the stage of concept development, available test materials as well as time and budget constraints.
A range of research methods are applied to meet the objective of the concept testing from focus groups to phone interviews to online testing to one-on-one guided tours.
Optionally may include use of Segmentation Checker™ to illuminate and surface market segmentation opportunities among your online customers.

Who does it help?
Executives, managers and developers responsible for evaluating and improving e-Services.
New product and service developers.

What can you accomplish with Concept Generator™?
You can:
  Acquire a more in-depth understanding of your customer and market
More fully define your customers’ needs and expectations.
Understand where they find value and don’t find value in your e-service offering.
  Drive e-service improvements & optimize website performance
Provide direction for website design changes.
Avoid design mistakes that alienate shoppers and erode customer relationships.
Generate ideas for new online features, tools and content to meet customer needs.
Guide long-term development of your e-service.
  Cut Development Costs
Avoid costly re-development efforts by testing concepts early in the process with customers.
Efficiently spend development resources by identifying and prioritizing issues.
  Act Quickly
Build team consensus & momentum as members witness customer reactions firsthand.
Utilize flexible research design to quickly reformulate and re-test concepts.
  Act Confidently
Pre-test new features and content with actual customers.
Leverage our 20 years of experience and expertise with information users and interfaces.

What do you get from Target Tester™?
Customized research design for testing your concepts and features.
Executive Summary and Detailed Findings with analysis and recommendations for specific concepts and features tested.
Directives for future development based on in-depth insights of customer behavior.
  Developing a new website feature or e-service concept? Contact us today at info@theelliottgroup.com
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