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What is it?
A comprehensive review and assessment of all customer touch points where information “transactions” occur for the purpose of understanding how well you provide information value and an integrated information experience to your customer during their decision-making, purchasing and ownership process.
How does it work?
The Elliott Group’s consultants review each customer touch point for:
Content and features
How well it integrates with the web as the customer’s information center
Consistency in your “information story” across customer touch points
Used in conjunction with Process Analyzer™ to compare against specific customer defined information needs and expectations and to identify new areas of opportunity
Optionally may involve surveys or interviews with customer facing personnel to understand their contribution as information sources
Recommendations are provided for each customer ‘touch point’ for improving information value, creating more consistency and exploring new areas of opportunity to increase value to the customer
Who does it help?
Marketing and brand managers responsible for evaluating and improving the overall customer experience
IT and communication managers responsible for managing and delivering content and features across customer touch points
What do you get from a Company Information Audit™?
An Executive Summary highlighting key findings, issues and solutions
An Information Audit™ Report with detailed findings and specific recommendations for improving content and features at your various customer touch points
What are the benefits of a Company Information Audit™?
Increase value to the customer with information that supports their actions
Identify ‘touch points’ where content and features can be added or improved
Improve personnel training and scripts to increase information value at “live touch points”
Explore opportunities to deliver information that exceeds customer expectations
Improve the customer’s efficiency when moving to complete their actions
Better integrate multiple customer touch points to your e-service
Identify content critical to customers’ hybrid online and offline process
Reinforce and extend your online “information story” with the content and features of your other touch points
Ensure that customer service, sales personnel and your web site ‘persona’ are providing congruent content that is synchronized in ‘one voice’ to the customer
Improve the customer experience
Provide a more seamless customer experience by providing valuable, consistent and integrated content across multiple customer touch points
Reduce information source dissonance to the customer by identifying problem areas where the customer is receiving different “information stories”
Remove information “dead ends” and reduce abandonment
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