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Who We Are
Researchers and consultants who help clients build better e-service relationships.
Providers of strategic and tactical insights that help clients address the new customer relationships transformed by interactive technology.
Experts on information users and qualitative research.
Innovators in usability and user experience testing.

What We Do
The Elliott Group helps our clients:
Enhance and optimize their existing web sites and other e-service interfaces.
Develop and assess new e-service concepts.
Attain an in-depth understanding of their e-service users to improve customer segmentation and build more value in their e-service relationships.
Gain a fresh perspective on the ongoing customer revolution to make strategic decisions about online and offline market opportunities.

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Our Proprietary Services
Appropriate research methods & technology to meet our clients objectives.
The latest techniques for assessing cognitive, affective and conative user behavior for better user-centric design.

Revolutionary Forces
Digital Information
Digital Communications
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Relevance / Value Discovery
User Choice and Control

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